The Giant’s Causeway – Places to visit before I die take 1

The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is a place I have always wanted to see in person. Friends of ours have visited and the stories and the pictures they returned with solidified it in the top ten places I would like to visit before I die.

Volcanic eruptions always leave behind something interesting in their wake and this is no exception. Legend says a giant built the nearly 40,000 basalt columns which stretch out over the water and disappear into the sea.

According to there is a Tourist Information center which includes a Souvenir Shop, a Bureau De Change, a place to book accommodations and more.

There are many ways to walk the Giant’s Causeway that bring you along the cliff top path west, or the lower path that gives you an amazing view of the amazing cliff-face columns of the Organ. There are many choices which all involve a different level of difficulty in terms of the hike so do your research ahead of time.

Giants Causeway goes into the sea

Make sure your camera battery is charged because you will quite literally be astounded by the mystery of this phenomenal display of nature making art. You will enjoy the view from afar as well as on the macro level so be prepared to be in awe.

The view seems to be straight out of a movie set and maybe not so surprising is the fact that many films have been shot here. If you are a martial arts fan you may recall Jackie Chan’s movie ”The Medallion” being shot here. More recently the popular hit tv show “Game of Thrones” took advantage of the surreal landscape. One day soon it will be time for me to go make my own movie at the causeway and hopefully I will still have the agility, strength, and stamina of Jackie Chan so I can make sure I see it from every available view and then of course head to the nearest Irish Pub to enjoy a real Guinness.