Socotra Island in Yemen – Places to visit before I die take 2

This place is seriously amazing and there is so much fodder for making a sci-fi movie it is laughable. There are so many plants that are found no where else but here and that is something to marvel at but only when you stand in front of and see in person a dragon’s blood tree will you truly know that all those pictures you saw online really were not photoshopped. These trees look like satellite dishes or giant heads of broccoli springing forth from the arid landscape.

Dragons Blood Tree

The landscape is a rough place indeed and it is a wonder that the plants that live here thrive in this environment and also perhaps the reason that they are only found in this environment.

Socotra gets hardly any rain and has an average temperature of 25°C. Roads are a new arrival for it’s inhabitants and has remained a wild wonderland of mountains, narrow coastal plains, and a limestone plateau.

Camping on the beach is the popular way to enjoy the island. There are a limited number of hotels on the island so there are options for those that don’t want ot be so close to nature but there are great ways to enjoy camping that also come with a guide that prepare meals and show you around. It is hard to beat having a guide that knows the best spots on the island and is taking care of all of the food so you can focus on your next adventure.

Avoid the monsoon season which runs from July till mid-August unless you really love the rain and wind or unless you are a surfer. From October to early May is the perfect time to experience the natural beauty.

You will love exploring the Hoq Cave which is full of crystals. It is a bit of a hike from the village but well worth it. Bring a flashlight with you when you go. The cave is well marked and nice and cool.

Be sure to enjoy the fresh fish from local restaurants or catch some yourself. Scuba diving and snorkeling are great activities to enjoy along with bird watching, or you can even go for a camel ride.