Things to do before I die

We would have a lot more satisfied people in life if they all lived like there might not be a tomorrow. When you narrow down the things that are important to you it is easy to realize that the majority of your time can be spent on things that really are not that important. Making a bucket list is always a good exercise. Putting them down on paper and having that visual reminder makes it that much more of a possibility and helps you get that much closer to making your dreams a reality.

Dream Big. Play hard or go home. This is it. This is your moment. It is always now.

I came across this family that sold everything and is marking things off their bucket lis left an right. They are an inspiration.

Here is my recent Bucket List. It changes over time but here goes:

  1. skydivingGo skydiving
  2. See the Giants Causeway
  3. Take a harley cross country
  4. Float in the Dead Sea
  5. Build a well in Africa
  6. Visit the Grand Canyon
  7. Build our dream home in Charleston SC
  8. Have lunch with Matt Damon and talk about acting.
  9. Ski Switzerland
  10. Take a trip to outer space

Although Skydiving is on there the older I get the more this one actually scares me. Perhaps that is also the thing that excites me most about it. Felix Baumgartner actually showed how someone can cross two things off their bucketlist at once. He went into outer space and jumped. He holds the record for the longest free fall. You can see the full video below.

What’s your current Bucketlist?