Architecture Adventures

Charleston HomesWhen traveling one of our favorite things to do is to explore the Architecture of a city. There are some cities that have many styles while others focus more on a specific style and some that have a style all their own. On our latest trip to Charleston we decided to dive in to the different styles because we are thinking of relocating there or at leas making Charleston our home for several months out of the year. While there are many styles of architecture that Charleston has become known for such as the Queen Anne, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, and the Italianate there are contemporary architects in Charleston that are taking their inspiration from the landscape, history, and rich culture. This influence is often clearly evidenced but can also be somewhat abstract.

If you are planning on relocating to Charleston it is good to get a feel for the history and this video is a great place to start.

While there are many architects in the area to choose from we like to select one to feature that really is doing extraordinary work that offers us something new. We came across Allen Design and really connected with the way their homes really feel like they belong in the environment where they are built. The best way to describe it is they belong and when it comes to your home you want it to be a place of belonging. You want your home to be a place that feels right.

If you are looking for a Charleston architect Allen Design is a great place to start your search because you will not have to keep looking. When we build our dream home in Charleston we will be giving them a call. Until then it is off to the next adventure. It is hard to settle on a place while there is still so much more out there to see.